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Maryland State Rifle Team

About Maryland State Rifle Team

teams_8 We shoot AR15 rifles across the course according to the rules of the CMP (Civilian Marksmanship Program) We field 1 or more teams at Camp Perry during the National Championships each year. There is no tryout to be a member, all are welcome. team06

2018 Maryland State High Power Rifle Championship

And 600 YD Mid-Range Championship

Hosted by Bridgeville Rifle & Pistol Club

Bridgeville Delaware

Match Dates:

July 7, 800Agg, XTC.

July 8, 3X 600 YD


Rules: Current NRA High-Power rules will govern all matches. Open to all.

Classification: NRA High Power classification card or temporary score books are required.

Categories: Minimum of 5 shooters required to form a class / category, Classes and / or categories will be combined at the discretion of the match director if there are insufficient shooters.

Check-IN & Squadding: At Statistical Office. All competitors will be required to check-in

By 0745 for the XTC Match, AND 0945 for the 3X600YD Match

Awards: Awards will be given to each category and class. Awards will be given to each multiple of 5 competitors in each category. Competitors may not win more than one award in each match.

Entry FEE:   Adult (19 & older) $30.00:  800Agg, July 1,      $30.00 for 3X600YD, July 2

                         Juniors: $15.00………………..800Agg, July 1,       $15.00 for 3X600YD, July 2

Challenge fee $2.00




COURSE OF FIRE FOR XTC: SR target at 200YDs, SR3 target at 300YDs, MR-1 target at 600YDs

Match #1:  200YD: 2 sighting shots & 20 shots for record offhand, time limit 22 minutes

Match #2:  200YD: 20 shots for record, Sitting rapid fire in two 10 shot strings, preceded by 2

Sighting shots. Time limit 60 sec, per string

Match #3:  300YD: 20 shots for record, Prone rapid in two 10 shot strings, preceded by 2

Sighting shots. Time limit 70 sec, per string

Match #4: 600YD:  20 shots for record preceded by 2 sighting shots, prone slow fire. Time limit

22 minutes.

Match #5:…………….Aggregate of Matches 1,2,3,4


COURSE OF FIRE FOR 3 x 600YD MATCHES: Prone Slow Fire on MR-1 / MR-1FC Target

Matches # 1,2,3:   20 shots for record, preceded by 2 sighting shots, in a time limited

Of 22 minutes

Categories: Service Rifle, Match rifle, Any Rifle/Any Sight


F-Class: F-Class shooters will be welcome for the 600YD match.

F-Class will compete separately in F-Class- open and F-Class T-R

On MR-1 FC Target.

Awards for F-Class will be made if 5 or more F-Class shooters register and shoot.


Target Operations: Competitors will use electronic targets provided by the match sponsor.


1744 Hope RD

Centreville, MD 21617-4534



Make Checks payable to: Wallace Chance


For directions, go to:

Maryland State Rifle Team Training Schedule

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For Information about Maryland State Rifle Team contact: Wally Chance EMAIL

MD Juniors Air Rifle

About MD Juniors Air Rifle


Congratulations to MD Juniors!!!

Albuquerque, NM

Competing in the Air Rifle Sportier Class, junior John White took gold with a score of 1106 out of 1200.

The State team took bronze, with a total score 0f 4156/4800.

The course of fire covers two days. Each day consists of 2 targets each prone, standing and kneeling at 10 meters.