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Maryland State Rifle Team

About Maryland State Rifle Team


We shoot AR15 rifles across the course according to the rules of the CMP (Civilian Marksmanship Program) We field 1 or more teams at Camp Perry during the National Championships each year. There is no tryout to be a member, all are welcome.


Maryland State Rifle Team Match Schedule


Do to some new changes at FT Meade, you must now pre-register for our matches & practices, by supplying your name, address, birth date

You do not have to pay up front, just let us know you are coming. This must be received 3 days before the event. Ever thing else is the same.

And you must show a valid driver license at the gate.

To pre-register, email or call,

Larry Moreland

Email: LCM1385@verizon

Phone: 301-249-4586


2016 High Power Rifle Match Schedule

Fort Meade, Maryland

Sponsored by The Maryland Rifle Club

And approved by Maryland State Rifle & Pistol Association

Affiliated with NRA, CMP

Location: Range 1, Fort Meade, Maryland

Click link below for 2015 Match Program and Dates

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2016 Fort Meade Match Program
2016 Rules
Directions to Enter Ranges at Ft Meade

Maryland State Rifle Team Training Schedule

Contact Maryland State Rifle Team

For Information about Maryland State Rifle Team contact:
Larry Moreland EMAIL

Md Juniors Air Rifle

About Md Juniors Air Rifle


Congratulations to MD Juniors!!!

Albuquerque, NM

Competing in the Air Rifle Sportier Class, junior John White took gold with a score of 1106 out of 1200.

The State team took bronze, with a total score 0f 4156/4800.

The course of fire covers two days. Each day consists of 2 targets each prone, standing and kneeling at 10 meters.