MSRPA Response to Dan Rodricks

February 14th, 2013

Matt Daley was interviewed earlier this week on WYPR by Dan Rodricks who subsequently published a column that through selective quotes and omissions distorted the positions that Matt took. Matt spent the entire interview opposing Governor O’Malley’s legislation in clear and specific terms. He criticized all the several components of the licensing provisions, the so-called assault weapons ban, the mental health provisions and
unequivocally stated that the Governor should ask the federal government for help in enforcing existing laws rather than proceed with proposals that were ill-conceived. Daley stressed the importance of the citizen’s in defensive firearms use. The interviewer/author worked to cobble together an out-of-context hypothetical of his own invention to – incredibly – make it
seem that Daley supported the blatant violations our rights. Anyone who
listens to the interview will quickly realize that neither Daley nor the
MSRPA support Governor O’Malley’s proposals, including in particular his
licensing proposal.