600 yard Mid-Range Prone Matches

November 2nd, 2014

Location: Bridgeville Rifle And Pistol Club, Bridgeville, Delaware

Bridgeville Rifle And Pistol Club, Bridgeville, Delaware invites CMP Vintage Military and Vintage Sniper Rifle shooters to participate in our 600 yard Mid-Range Prone Matches on November 2, 2014. Although BVR&P is a CMP affiliated club, these matches would be conducted under NRA rules which include single shot loading for all prone matches and prohibit muzzlebrakes.

The vintage rifle shooters will be mixed in with our sling shooters and will shoot for score at the normal NRA 600 yard MR-1 target. We will offer our normal awards for every five shooters in a class and we would be happy to have classes for both iron sights and scopes if there are 5 or more shooters shooting the same sort of rifles. For example, we will give separate awards to shooters using iron sights and scopes if we have at least 5 shooters of each, but we would combine iron sights and scopes to make up a class of 5 or more shooters if necessary. Within each class, we make an award for every multiple of 5 shooters in the class.

The Course of Fire will be individual prone slowfire matches at 600 yards of 20 record rounds each with unlimited sighters for Match 1 and 2 sighters each for Matches 2 and 3 in a 25 minute block time for each match. Shooters will be allowed to get into the prone position prior to the commencement of the block time.


All three matches will be shot with the NRA MR-1 600 Yard Target. This target has a 36 inch aiming black and includes a 6 inch X-Ring, 12 inch 10-Ring, 18 inch 9-Ring, 24 inch 8-Ring and 36 inch 7-Ring. There also are a 48 inch 6-Ring and a 60 inch 5-ring in the white. F-Class shooters shoot on a reduced target.

The entry fee is $25.00.

Registration and squadding commences at 0800 and closes at 0945.

For additional information and pre-registration, e-mail Jeff Hague at jeff.hague@bville-rifle-pistol.org or visit the Club’s website at http://bville-rifle-pistol.org.