2014 2A Bills

December 26th, 2013

A number of 2nd Amendment related bills have been pre-filed by Delegates and Senators. As you can expect, there are the good, the bad and the ugly.


HB 36-Public Safety – Handgun Permit – Applicant Qualifications

  • Filed by Delegate Smigiel
  • Would define apprehended danger as G&S, opening the door to using self-defense as a justification for issueing a permit.

Filed by Delegate Smigiel

  • Filed by Delegate Smigiel
  • Would allow residents of the listed states with permits to carry in MD.
  • While it would not help MD residents (unless they honor non-resident permits) it would show people of MD who have never traveled that CCW does not equal blood in the streets.

HB 60-Repeal of the Firearms Safety Act of 2013

  • Filed by Delegate Smigiel
  • Repeals SB281


HB 94-Criminal Law – Prohibition on Manufacture of Detachable Magazine or Firearm Receiver – 3–Dimensional Printing

  • Filed by Delegate Auroa
  • Bans 3D printing guns and magazines.
  • There is some language that is unclear that may impact non 3D printed magazines.


HB42-Public Safety – Firearms – Application Approval Before Sale, Rental, or Transfer

  • Filed by Delegate Cardin
  • Would ban 8th day transfers, thus allowing the MSP to shut down handgun sales by not acting on applications.
  • Remember the original 8th day release was put in because people foresaw the MSP using the approval process to delay or reduce firearm sales.

HB 22-Baltimore City – Prohibition on Ordinance Eliminating or Limiting Duty to Retreat

  • Filed by Delegate Conaway
  • Would ban Baltimore City from ever passing any form of a Stand Your Ground Law.
  • The way the law is written may add a duty to retreat in the home.

HB 67-Criminal Law – Self–Defense – Duty to Retreat

  • Filed by Delegate Conaway
  • Would ban the state from passing a Stand Your Ground Law in any form.
  • The way the law is written may add a duty to retreat in the home.

We see here the importance of being involved and engaged this year. There are bills being presented that have as much impact as SB281. Imagine a Maryland where last summer’s 6-month delays are the norm and there is nothing you can do. Even worse, imagine a Maryland where criminals know you have to retreat to your bedroom and can freely rob your living room, kitchen, study, etc because you can’t confront them in your own home.

2A Tuesday (Feb 4th) will set the tone of this session. Will Senators and Delegates look out and see 100 people they can label as gun nuts, or a sea of 10,000 Maryland residents of every race, economic status, creed, gender and orientation, standing together for the fundamental human right of self defense?