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Why should I join the State Association?

The NATIONAL Rifle Association sponsors and sanctions National Competitions, and defends your rights in Washington, DC.

The STATE Association sponsors and sanctions local competitions in Maryland, and defends your rights in Maryland

How the MSRPA works for You

For more than 50 years, the Maryland State Rifle & Pistol Association has been the Official NRA State Association - chartered by the NRA to sanction all firearms competitions in the State of Maryland.

  • MSRPA organizes and conducts state championship matches in all shooting disciplines
  • MSRPA sponsors the official Maryland State Rifle Team and the Maryland State Pistol Team, helping to send them to the National Championships at Camp Perry each year
  • MSRPA develops, promotes, funds and maintains active and ongoing Junior Programs in hunting, competitive shooting, and Olympic Training Camps.
  • MSRPA promotes the establishment of safe shooting ranges and hunting lands.
  • MSRPA promotes hunting and emphasizes safety and hunter education.
  • MSRPA is fully affiliated with the Director of Civilian Marksmanship and the National Board for the Promotion of Rifle Practice. Marksmanship clinics and training are provided to both seniors and juniors.
  • The Association trains interested persons in marksmanship and the safe handling and efficient use of firearms through its affiliated clubs and by means of special state-wide programs
  • MSRPA offers hunter safety courses required before a person can purchase a hunting license in Maryland - several times each year in each county.
  • Basic shooting skills and safe gun handling are taught each year.

How the MSRPA fights for Your Rights

MSRPA organizes and maintains a state-wide network of contacts with legislators and other public officials, both to keep such individuals informed about the interests of the shooting community and to oppose any legislation adversely affecting or limiting our interests.

  • MSRPA maintains a presence in Annapolis tracking legislation, communicating with legislators, testifying at hearings, organizing and participating in rallies, and representing the views of you, the law-abiding gun owner.
  • MSRPA members are kept informed of happenings in Annapolis via our newsletter, the DownRange. Published at least four times a year, it contains vital and lively information regarding pending and implemented legislation; gun shows; opinion; DCM match competitions; litigation updates, shooting ranges and range news; match results; humor; sweepstakes, and a variety of provocative information of concern to every Maryland gun owner.
  • As part of our service to members, MSRPA maintains a site on the Internet featuring late-breaking news, updates, and items of interest.


News & events

  • 10-23-2016
    MSRPA Annual Meeting
  • 09-18-2016
    MSRPA Board Meeting
  • 09-17-2016
    Anne Arundel County Friends of NRA
  • 08-27-2016
    NRA Level 1 Coaches Class
  • 06-26-2016
    MSRPA Board Meeting
  • 06-04-2016
    Arlington RPC Junior Smallbore Championships
  • 05-22-2016
    The Maryland 2016 CMP Scholarship Winners
  • 04-24-2016
    MSRPA Board Meeting
  • 04-09-2016
    Bullseye Pistol Clinic
  • 03-19-2016
  • 01-27-2016
    NRA Level Coaches Class
  • 01-17-2016
    MSRPA Board Meeting
  • 10-25-2015
    Annual Meeting 2015
  • 09-28-2015
    Rifle Raffle Winner
  • 07-20-2015
    MSRPA Proposed By-Law Changes
  • 03-21-2015
    AR-15 Service Rifle Clinic
  • 03-14-2015
    2015 NRA 3 Position Junior Air Rifle Sectional and MD State Championship
  • 02-28-2015
    NRA Level 1 Coach Class
  • 02-10-2015
    2A Tuesday
  • 02-10-2015
    2A Tuesday Flyer
  • 01-10-2015
    MSI Meeting
  • 11-21-2014
    MSRPA Donation to Support Ongoing Litigation
  • 11-08-2014
    We have a winner of the M1 Carbine restored by James River!
  • 11-06-2014
    Opening Brief in the Appeal of the District Court's Decision - Maryland Firearm Safety Act of 2013
  • 11-02-2014
    600 yard Mid-Range Prone Matches
  • 10-26-2014
    As Issued Military Match
  • 10-26-2014
    Annual Meeting and Election
  • 10-05-2014
    Brian Frosh
  • 09-20-2014
    Prone Tournament
  • 09-06-2014
    NRA Conventional Position
  • 08-30-2014
    Prone tournament
  • 07-22-2014
    Obtaining A Maryland Handgun Qualification License
  • 06-28-2014
    As-Issued MIlitary Match
  • 06-23-2014
    Primary Day 2A Info
  • 06-22-2014
    Rimfire Sporter Matches
  • 06-21-2014
    Rimfire Sporter Match
  • 06-21-2014
    Prone tournament
  • 04-12-2014
    USA Shooting 3P Air Rifle Jr. Olympics
  • 04-05-2014
    Bullseye Pistol Clinic
  • 03-22-2014
    2014 Highpower Rifle Clinic
  • 03-22-2014
    Maryland 3P Smallbore & International Air Rifle Sectional
  • 03-02-2014
    Maryland 3P Air Rifle Sectional
  • 03-01-2014
    NRA 3P Precision Air Rifle Junior Sectionals
  • 02-04-2014
    2A Tuesday is Coming Feb. 4th 2014
  • 01-26-2014
    SB281: How did your Senator and Delegates vote?
  • 12-26-2013
    2014 2A Bills
  • 12-23-2013
    1st Annual Robert Inness Memorial 3P Air Rifle Postal Match
  • 09-27-2013
  • 09-24-2013
    New Release from MD State Police on Pending Firearms Applications
  • 09-24-2013
    M1D Sniper Rifle Raffle Winner
  • 09-19-2013
  • 09-09-2013
    Results of 2013 Vintage Sniper Rifle Team Match
  • 06-23-2013
    Robert Frazer Inness (April 25, 1938-June 1, 2013)
  • 03-22-2013
    4th Circuit Hands Down Ruling Overturning MD District Court on Woollard
  • 02-28-2013
    NRA ILA - Maryland: House Judiciary Committee to Hear Governor O'Malley's Extreme Anti-Gun Bill Tomorrow
  • 02-22-2013
    NRA-ILA Senate Bill 281 Passes Out of Committee
  • 02-19-2013
    Update: Vote on Governor Gun Control Scheme This Thursday 2/21/2013
  • 02-15-2013
    Emergency Action--Judicial Proceedings Committee to Vote
  • 02-14-2013
    MSRPA Response to Dan Rodricks
  • 01-24-2013
    The "40 percent" Myth
  • 01-22-2013
    NRA-ILA Maryland: Contact Your State Legislators Immediately!
  • 01-21-2013
    Time to Shine LIght on Good Side
  • 01-21-2013
    Gun Control Regulations Disarm Women
  • 01-16-2013
    NRA Statement in Response to President Obama
  • 01-10-2013
    Statement From the NRA Regarding Today
  • 01-09-2013
    NRA Press Conference Videos
  • 01-04-2013
    NRA Chris Cox Letter to Congress
  • 12-21-2012
    Text of Wayne LaPierre 12/21/12 Press Conference Speech